Thursday, August 2, 2012

Introducing…My All-New Recipage!

If you’ve visited my recipe page lately, you may have noticed it looking a bit skimpy, with only a few of my latest recipes.  I signed up for Recipage and have been a little slow to get my backdated recipes added.  As of last night though, I have officially finished updating it!

Recipage offers a free professional recipe page that you can embed directly on your blog.  The moment I found it, I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for – it makes organizing and presenting recipes much simpler than the list of post links I had previously.

080212 - 1

To get to my Recipage anytime, just click on the page link at the top of my blog.

080212 - 2

At the top you’ll see my Featured Recipes, which cycles through all my favorites.

080212 - 3

Next up is a thumbnail list of my most recently posted recipes so you can quickly find the newest creations.

080212 - 4

There’s a great search function you can use to look for keywords in any of my recipes, or even in the entire Recipage database.

080212 - 5

Or you can just browse around!  Through keywords I’ve added to my recipes you can find recipes by cooking method, course, or dietary needs.  You can also browse by title. 

080212 - 6

Once you’ve found one you like, click on it to view just the recipe without the entire blog post. 

080212 - 7

To see the whole post, click on the Full Post link on the left.  You can also print it, email it, or even text it to your phone and it’ll send you a link to the mobile version.

080212 - 8

You can also Pin It, Tweet or share on Facebook with your friends!  

I hope that you like the new page, and that it makes it easier for you to explore, find and share my recipes.  Thanks, Recipage, for making such a great tool for bloggers!


  1. You continually come up with great ideas to use the internet! This is great.

    1. I just stalk lots of blogs for tips and ideas :) It's definitely much easier on you to find/save stuff, and easier to me to organize - win win!

  2. This recipage is terrific! Enjoying your posts. I want some of those shrimp.... NOW!

    1. Thanks! It's surprisingly a simple recipe to put together, esp compared to other coconut shrimp I have tried, although I will not try to pretend it tastes nearly as awesome as deep fried :)

      Loved your Atlantique pics by the way, thanks for sharing!


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