Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gluten-Free Review: Glutino Bagel Chips & Snack Crackers

If you’re gluten free, chances are you’ve tried at least one of Glutino’s products.  They have an entire line of certified gluten-free snacks, breads, cereals, frozen meals and baking mixes, and they are stocked in a lot of regular grocery stores so it’s easy to find them.

At the expo this past weekend I was set up right next to their table and got to sample the new offerings they brought, snack crackers and bagel chips.  Gluten-free crackers are everywhere these days, but bagel chips are not something I’ve come across often so they were a real treat!

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The plain bagel chips are pretty good, although a bit bland for my taste – they definitely cry out for some kind of topping.  The parmesan garlic are much better if you just want to snack on them without any dip – I love anything garlic so I was sold immediately!  My favorite way to use both flavors is broken up on top of salads in lieu of croutons. 

They also had a new cinnamon sugar flavor that was out of this world – so good in fact that I’m not sure I want to have a box in my pantry, I have enough trouble fighting my sweet tooth without having those staring me in the face!  They are bursting with cinnamon flavor and a whole lot of sweetness and crunch, I was a big fan.

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The all-new snack crackers are also a great addition to their line.  Very hearty and crunchy, and could definitely hold up to toppings and heavy dips with ease, although they have plenty of flavor on their own. 

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The rosemary flavor wasn’t overpowering at all, and they have a distinctive sweet aftertaste that I enjoyed.  However that sweetness is due to what I consider to be a fairly high amount of sugar, 4g per 11 crackers, so I probably wouldn’t buy these all the time either.  That’s an issue you often run into with GF products unfortunately – low in fiber and high in sugar.  But still great as a treat!

Glutino products are pretty easy to find in stores, and while they can be expensive full price, they do also have coupons available – there’s a printable one for $1 off available right now on, and you can get a 55 cent coupon from their website.  Lately I’ve regularly found one or two varieties on sale for about half price each time I visit Harris Teeter – I got that box of bagel chips for just $1.50 pairing a sale with a coupon!

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