Friday, August 24, 2012

Gluten-Free Friday: New Planet Beer

I have one last product from the gluten-free expo to review that I’ve been saving for Gluten-Free Friday – beer! 

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I actually hadn’t had a beer since I went gluten free in February 2011, so it was definitely about time that I got around to trying it.  I knew of course that there were gluten free brews out there, but I’d heard that they weren’t very good, and I was always more of a wine person anyway.  But when I was leaving the expo I was given a few bottles of New Planet beer to sample, which I gladly accepted!

New Planet is an entirely gluten-free brewery in Colorado that not only produces excellent beer, they also have a great message – their purpose is “to help everyone celebrate life and to do good things for the planet,” and they back up their mission by donating a portion of their proceeds to environmental efforts in the areas where they serve.  Gluten free and environmentally conscious?  Sign me up! 

They currently offer three different beers, and I was lucky enough to try them all – here’s my rundown:

Off Grid Pale Ale

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Definitely my favorite of the bunch - I actually thought it tasted exactly like a regular beer!  Just in case I had managed to forget what beer is supposed to taste like I made Hubs try it too, and he agreed he couldn’t tell a difference.  They use three varieties of hops to give it a citrusy, spicy flavor, and it’s got a nice bite to it.  Definitely not sweet, despite being made with sorghum and molasses.  Two thumbs up!



3R Raspberry Ale

082412 - 3

I was initially apprehensive of this one, since I used to really dislike fruity beers and figured gluten free and fruity had to mean super sweet.  Not so!  The raspberry flavor was detectable, but not overpowering at all, and it was only slightly sweet.  It’s made with raspberry puree, orange peel, sorghum and corn extract.  I found it very refreshing, definitely one I would drink again.




Tread Lightly Ale

082412 - 4

I expected to like this one the most, since I used to always opt for light-colored beers, but I actually preferred the pale ale to this one.  It was still really good, very smooth with a slight sweetness and no aftertaste.  It’s basically the same ingredients as the raspberry ale, minus the raspberry puree.  I think it would be the perfect beverage for a day at the beach!



New Planet beer can be found at a wide variety of retailers in over 30 states, including Total Wine, Whole Foods and Earth Fare, plus I spotted some local restaurants on the list.  Check out their beer locator to see if it’s offered anywhere near you!

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