Monday, August 6, 2012

Gluten-Free Convenience: Annie’s Mac & Cheese

As a kid, I loved the mac & cheese from the blue box.  In college, I was an avid fan of Easy Mac.  I knew the powdered cheese was processed crap, but I just loved every cheesy bite of those gooey, bright yellow noodles.  Now, I definitely know better, and usually make my own.  But sometimes I still crave the simple convenience of boxed mac and cheese!


Annie’s Gluten-Free Rice Pasta and Cheddar is a better-for-you version of the classic blue box mac and cheese, minus the weird ingredients – and gluten!  Check out a head-to-head comparison of their ingredients lists:


                            Annie’s                                                   Kraft

Yes, both are obviously processed, but the Kraft list is definitely much longer and harder to understand – I’m now cringing thinking about all those times I happily ate it.  Annie’s regular mac and cheeses are also much better ingredients-wise than their Kraft counterparts.

The steps to make it are exactly the same – boil the pasta, stir the powdered cheese into milk until smooth, and then pour over the hot drained pasta and stir.  I recommend sticking to the low end of the cook time, 10 minutes, for the best texture.

The result?  Creamy, cheesy pasta that tastes just as good as any gluten version.  The noodles are white rice, so while they might not have the nutritional punch of a brown rice pasta, they also don’t have the gritty texture that you often find in GF pastas.  I don’t have kids, but I do eat like one a lot and think any kid would be happy to have this on their plate!


And at only $2.49 a box at my local Target, it should also make gluten-free moms on a budget happy Smile


  1. I love it Jenni! that is definitely a gluten-free comfort food for me! I love that mac & cheese, it's definitely not kraft, but it's still delish in my book!!

    1. Agree! Even my non-GF husband likes it and he's really picky about pasta :)

      Looking forward to getting to meet you this weekend at the expo!

  2. putting it on my grocery list! (Wonder if Sawyer would eat it...he is a mac&cheese fan! HA

    1. Maybe if you didn't tell him it was any different from what he usually eats :)


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