Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Amp Up Your Fitness with BodyCombat

I am starting to become a really huge fan of the Les Mills classes offered by my gym, O2 Fitness.  I was initially really nervous about group fitness for some reason, so I did a spoonful to help me get over my fears and just go. 

I started out with BodyPump and quickly got hooked, but it took me another couple weeks before I got up the nerve to try BodyCombat, a fighting-style class.  It just seemed so intimidating!  I’ve never really done kickboxing before, and martial arts?  No way.  But I wanted to get more variety into my workouts and try to increase my fitness level even more.  With stats like this, I figured it was worth a shot.

It didn’t disappoint!  It’s an incredibly challenging full-body workout that not only works on your strength and agility but also your endurance.  The setup is similar to BodyPump in that it’s a series of songs with a particular combo for each, and you get a (short!) break between songs to catch your breath and reset for the next round.  Here’s a video with some of the moves:

Looks intense, right?  I sweated so much during my first class that my sunglasses actually fogged up when I was leaving the gym!  The next day I definitely was feeling it in my back and shoulders, but I was eager for more and started going once a week, and this week I’m taking it up to twice a week because I love it so much.  It got a lot easier to keep up after I got used to the moves, and I always leave class feeling like a total beast Smile

If you’re an O2 member, I highly recommend checking out Kara’s classes – she is amazing!  High energy, lots of fun, and really encouraging.  She’s definitely one of the major reasons I love the class so much, and she really inspires me to try harder every time I go.

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