Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spoonful Sunday: Eat Out of the Pantry

I like to be stocked up on things.  I’m not a hoarder, or an extreme couponer who buys out a store’s entire shelf of something.  I just like to be prepared, and yes, I do like to snap up good deals when I find them.  As a result, I have a very full pantry.

072912 - 1

Looks a little crazy, I know.  The big issue is that I have way too much food in there that’s not a part of our regular meal rotation.  There’s the canned tuna and chicken for “emergencies” that we don’t actually eat.  Then I have 6 jars of marinara sauce when I probably crack one open per month, plus stockpiles of canned tomatoes.  Oh, and I have no idea how I ended up with 4 cans of light coconut milk when all I can remember using it for is the occasional pot of coconut rice.  Clearly, I have a problem!

So my goal this week is to start working on emptying that pantry, especially the overstocked items and the random stuff that I don’t use much.  I got started early with a creative recipe I had clipped awhile back over at Gluten Hates Me for Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pizza Puffs.

072912 - 2

From the pantry, I used up some of my Better Batter flour mix for the puffs, and pureed up the rest of a can of diced tomatoes in sauce to make a quick tomato-basil dipping sauce.

072912 - 3072912 - 3a

The sauce was pretty simple – I put the tomatoes in my Magic Bullet and pureed until smooth, then I put the puree in a small saucepan with some fresh basil and oregano from the garden and a dash of olive oil, then just let it simmer for a bit.

When I first got the pizza puff mix going, I was a little nervous about it because it was definitely more like muffin batter than pizza dough.  But once I got all the cheese incorporated it was much thicker.

072912 - 4

I did make a few slight modifications to Marlow’s recipe – I cut the Italian seasoning down to 1 tbsp because it seemed like a lot to me, and I didn’t add the pepperoni because I had none.  

072912 - 5

They baked up perfectly, and were really good!  Definitely not quite what I was expecting since the cheese is mixed throughout and it’s not quite the same texture as pizza, but it’s the same flavors. 

072912 - 6

I found that I liked them a lot more after they cooled off a bit, they started to have more of a pizza texture and less of a muffin texture.  And they were delicious leftover as well, great texture and didn’t even need to heat them up (which is saying something for GF baked goods).

I will definitely be making these again!  For Marlow’s recipe, click here.

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