Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grocery Shopping in the Backyard

It’s mid-July, so our garden is really starting to get going!  We’re still struggling a bit with some of the plants – Hubs had to rip out the cucumbers entirely due to disease, and our pepper plants seem to be struggling to fight something off as well, although we haven’t given up on them yet.  Our tomatoes, however, are growing like crazy!

071712 - 1

That is just a few days’ worth of harvesting, believe it or not – we have quite a few tomato plants though.  The highest producing variety is our Super Sweet 100’s (the cherry-sized ones in the picture).  They are actually in their third summer of regeneration so they are truly the gift that keeps on giving!

071712 - 3

Our blueberries are flourishing as well – just this morning I picked about a cup of berries, and there’s tons more about to ripen. 

071712 - 2

I had no idea these bushes could produce so much – and all it took was a simple bird net!

071712 - 4

We’ve also got a yellow summer squash plant that seems very healthy and happy, currently producing a couple of beautiful squashes each week.  We’re even getting a few red bell peppers from one of the more mature plants we bought – nice treat since the ones we buy as seedlings usually don’t produce until very late in the summer.

I put Hubs to work last night at the grill with all these summer veggies - 

071712 - 5

All I do with the tomatoes is skewer them and rub them with a tiny bit of vegetable oil.  For the squash, I slice them lengthwise and cut shallow X’s into the flesh, then spread them with butter and season them up.  Very simple prep and a few minutes on the grill results in some very delicious vegetables! 

Spoonful update - I’m a bit sore from my first BodyPump class yesterday, but it’s a good sore and I’m not hobbling like I sometimes do after an intense strength workout.  Great sign that I’m starting to get stronger, and that I’m likely ready to try stacking more weight on my barbell next class!

I’m down in Charlotte for a few days visiting my parents so tomorrow morning I’m headed to a yoga class with my mom – I’ve been to this class with her once before and I really enjoyed it, and per my mom it’s different every week so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us Smile

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