Monday, July 2, 2012

2nd Evernote Cook-Along: Burgers

In May I participated in the first Evernote Cook-Along, trying my hand at crepes for the first time ever – and as an added challenge, making them gluten free! 

I had a lot of fun participating in the cook-along and seeing all the other crepe creations, so when I saw the announcement for the second one come up I knew I wanted to do it again – especially when I saw they chose burgers as the theme!  Of course, that immediately brought my award-winning Roasted Garlic Turkey Florentine Burgers to mind.  We haven’t done them since we refined them for the contest,  but I’ve been wanting to.

We didn’t change up the recipe this time, other than switching out the fontina cheese we topped them with last time for a new steakhouse cheddar we found at Costco – it’s a wonderful, mild creamy cheese that tastes exactly like french onion soup.  So good! 

I captured our dinner with Evernote Food, which now has an improved camera function and several other updates that make it even easier to record recipe creations, special occasions or favorite meals! 


Roasted Garlic Turkey Florentine Burgers

JUN 30, 2012





created with EVERNOTE FOOD - Click here for recipe

Just as delicious as the first time around!  I served mine up with another Against the Grain gluten-free bun, still my favorite – although the rolls in the last package I bought seem to be about 1/3 smaller, yet the calorie counts remain the same.  Anyone else notice a size difference?  Curious to see what the next ones look like!

I haven’t forgotten about the new recipes – I’ve already made one so far today.  We also got a ton of fresh berries at Costco, so I decided to try my hand at homemade strawberry ice cream.  It hasn’t set fully yet, but my first sample was delicious…perfect start to the holiday week.  I’ll be posting the recipe soon, so check back!

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