Monday, June 11, 2012

Time for Some Yoga-ahhhh…

I’m starting week six of my 5K running program, and it’s starting to get really intense – here’s the last four workouts:

061112 - 1061112 - 2

061112 - 3061112 - 4

As you can see, they jump it up pretty quickly, but I’m proud to say I’m keeping up!  There are plenty of moments when I struggle and want to stop, but somehow I’ve managed to dig deeper every time and keep my legs moving.  Great music helps!

I got extra ambitious on Friday and decided to try running my first interval on a slight incline on the treadmill.  I made it, although I did go back to a flat surface for the second interval.  All weekend my calves made me pay for it, twinging with every step right under the backs of my knees.  Not a place I've ever been sore before though, so at least I know I'm pushing new muscles I guess – but I hate being sore! 

Enter yoga.  I have practiced yoga for awhile, but never seriously.  Since I've been working so hard on my fitness, my body's been craving the stretch only a good yoga session can provide.  I went to a yoga class at O2 Fitness last week and really enjoyed it, but they only have a few a week and they’re not specialized, just what I would call standard gym yoga.

Lucky for me, I had another option to check out - Yogaglo!  I bought a voucher awhile back for a 3-month membership, and I just activated it this weekend.  Yogaglo is an online streaming yoga service from a studio in Santa Monica, CA that provides unlimited instant access to tons of recorded classes, with more being added each week.

Aching calves in mind, I perused for a class that would help me really give them a good stretch.  Thanks to their great search filters I immediately came across the perfect class, Yoga for Calves & Feet, and decided to give it a shot.  At first I wasn’t too sure about it, I’m used to polished DVDs where instructors jump in quickly, and this particular practice was much slower and more technically oriented.

But as it kept going, I started to understand the point of it.  His instructions were pretty clear and concise, and I started to get what he wanted me to do.  Even though I wasn’t able to do all of it perfectly, I knew exactly how to try. 

When it was all over, my feet were practically singing with happiness, and the twinges in my calves were completely gone!  Amazing. 

Today after my gym workout I came home and did a quick 15-minute restorative practice.  It was pretty good too, and really helped me unwind.  Bonus that she gave tips for creating your own yoga bolster with a pillow and towel, because I don’t have a lot of props.

The only thing I would say I don’t like so far about the classes is the lack of music, but I solved that problem by using Pandora on my phone to play the yoga station

Want to check out Yogaglo for yourself?  You can get a 15-day free trial here, after that it’s $18/month.

I haven’t forgotten about my spoonful – been tracking my food all day!  Going to share everything tomorrow.  So far so good, but we’ve already established that my worst temptation comes at night so that’s not saying much Smile


  1. Replies
    1. I have you to thank! You got me all keen with that yoga class in Charlotte :)

  2. It looks intense!! I actually just started a 5k program today! We're only doing run 60 seconds and then walk 90 seconds. It was manageable BUT looking at yours make me cringe a little bit!

    1. 5 weeks ago that was exactly where I was, and your word for it was perfect - manageable. I definitely struggled through it though. I was a complete beginner to running and never thought I'd get to this point I can definitely say that the program works if you stick with it! Good luck :-)


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