Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Starting to Harvest

This week we started picking our first summer garden harvest!  All we’ve had so far this year is lettuce, but now the rest of what we planted is really flourishing.

The cucumbers have completely taken off – they went from this, posted May 1st:

050112 - 11

to this:

062012 - 1

In just 7 weeks!  Pretty crazy.  Our other plants have also gotten pretty big, but none of them are producing yet so cukes won the race by a mile Smile

062012 - 2

062012 - 3

This is just what I picked this morning -  there are a lot more growing on the vines that’ll be ready pretty soon.  It looks like we’re going to get a really large crop this year…so if anyone has any creative ideas for cucumbers, I’m all ears!  I can never really figure out what to do with them beyond salads and sandwiches…

Now, I realized that in my post last month I neglected to mention that we also have some fruit growing in our yard!

  062012 - 4

Hubs planted three blueberry bushes a few years ago, but we’ve never yielded much of anything from them – we believe the birds were enjoying them for us!  This year, he picked up a net that seems to be doing the trick to keep the blueberry predators at bay, so we’re finally getting to enjoy them.

062012 - 5

Loving that beautiful frost on the berries! 

Our pineapple sage is also looking gorgeous – I think it would be great just as decoration, the color is so vibrant.  So far I’ve just used it in marinades, but now that it’s getting bigger I’m going to have to find more ways to work it in.

062012 - 6

Our tomatoes still have a ways to go before ripening, but they’re looking very promising – I’m looking forward to that harvest!

062012 - 7

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