Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spoonful Sunday: Attacking my Snacking

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!  Hope you are all enjoying the holiday.  And of course a special shout out to my wonderful father, my rock, the best dad a girl could hope to have…I love you, dad!


So, on to the food –  I meant to do a post with my food tracking yesterday, but I had a very good reason not to be blogging…

061712 - 1

Because I was on an impromptu trip to the beach!  The waves were looking good, so Hubs decided he wanted to get some surfing in and I happily went along for the ride.  Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend, the weather was great.  This picture was taken while Hubs and I enjoyed some seafood and frosty beverages on the pier at the Oceanic Restaurant.  Icy cold shrimp cocktail and white wine, great view, and of course wonderful company.  Good times!

So I’m not going to go into details on my food tracking, but here are the snapshots of my lunches and dinners  –


061712 - 2

  Lunch: turkey sandwich, chips, baby carrots with ranch, and cherries

061712 - 3

Dinner: crispy baked coconut shrimp (using the Popchips method), with sweet chili and pineapple dipping sauce, coconut sweet potato wedges, corn on the cob


061712 - 4

Lunch: turkey sandwich, sweet potato chips and mixed berries

061712 - 5

Dinner: turkey sloppy joes, french fries with ketchup, and green salad with a drizzle of Italian dressing


061712 - 6

Lunch: leftover turkey sloppy joes, fries with ketchup, corn on the cob

061712 - 7

Dinner: turkey mini meatloaf, baked sweet potato with butter and cinnamon, steamed green beans

Between the deli meat sandwiches and my need to use up a large package of ground turkey, I’m surprised I’m not gobbling by now!  My favorite meal was Friday’s dinner – it was simple, colorful and healthy, and I spent very little time in the kitchen.  Winning all around Smile 

The Schar ciabatta rolls appeared a lot because once opened I had to eat them in 5 days.  They were pretty good, on the small side for sandwiches, but they only have 100 calories and pack in 4g of fiber.  Still didn’t hold a candle to my favorite Against the Grain buns, pictured with Thursday’s dinner sloppy joes.  Of course, those clock in at 265 calories and zero fiber, so there’s a trade-off involved for the taste.

Other than those meals, I pretty much ate exactly the same as what you saw from Monday and Tuesday.  In other words, I kept on indulging in the after-dinner snacking.

I tried adding in more produce during the day, but that didn’t work to curb the snacking, although my meals did look a lot prettier!  So I’m going to hit the blogosphere this week and see if I can get some tips on attacking my snacking habits, and try to get my late-night treats more under control. 

Have any tips for increasing willpower against after-dinner snacks?


  1. You are right about those Against the Grain buns! So good but holy moly on the calories!

    1. Fortunately they are expensive enough that I ration them! Although if you think about all the real bread we pass up, I think we still come out on top calories-wise :-)


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