Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Day in Food, Plus Amazon MP3 Freebie/Deal Alerts

Yesterday Amazon launched its new Cloud Player app for iPhone, and to celebrate they’re giving out both a freebie and a deal for MP3s!

Freebie Alert

First up, the freebie – get $2 in credit towards MP3s here with the code MP3S4ALL.  Once again, you have to act fast – the credit will expire from your account after June 15th.  So go ahead and pick out a couple of songs while you’re there so you don’t have to remember!

Deal AlertThey’re also offering a coupon through AmazonLocal for $4 off an MP3 album priced at $7.99 or more.  Unfortunately, it says in the fine print it can’t be combined with the $2 credit from above, but you could still get an album for just $3.  It’s free, but designed as a voucher through the AmazonLocal service, so you do have to have an Amazon account and a credit card, but it doesn’t charge the card anything.

Now, on to the food! 

JUN 12, 2012


Breakfast 8am – the usual!
Smoothie w banana, blueberries, mango, plain Greek yogurt, flax, unsweet almond milk
Calorie Estimate - 260


Lunch 2pm
Leftovers - Chicken sausage, green beans, steamed brown rice
Calorie Estimate -  300


Snack 3pm - finished after workout 5:30pm
Kind bar

Calorie Estimate - 150


Dinner 7:30pm
Chicken glazed w TJ’s sweet chili sauce, broccoli w dab of butter, Caribbean rice
Glass red wine (not pictured)
Calorie Estimate - 500



Dessert 8:30pm
Mini banana coconut muffin
Dk choc pb cup
10 reduced fat kettle chips
2nd glass red wine
Dove dark chocolate promise (not pictured)
Calorie Estimate - 360


Yesterday I my goal was to add more healthy snacks, but I ended up getting so busy that my afternoon snack ended up being a Kind bar I dug out of my gym bag and split to eat before and after my workout.

I also indulged in a 2nd glass of wine – I know I said I should save that for special occasions…but the 2nd glass made it feel like one Smile I’ve obviously got work to do still on those goals!  But I still only took in about 1600 calories in total, and I put in some time at the gym on the elliptical and took a challenging hour-long yoga class that was mostly flow, so I at least somewhat balanced the nighttime snacking.  Another benefit to working out – reduced guilt!

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