Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Day in Food: Monday

So, as promised, I faithfully tracked all day!  All I did was take pictures and a few notes while I went yesterday, then this morning I calculated the calorie estimates using the LiveStrong My Plate

I definitely still had a pretty consistent snack attack after dinner last night, despite my best efforts to restrain myself.  I thought it was lack of willpower, but after looking at my calorie counts I am wondering if it’s actually because I didn’t eat enough during the day…

JUN 11, 2012


Breakfast 8am -
Smoothie with banana, strawberries, blueberries, mango, plain fat free Greek yogurt, flax and unsweetened almond milk
Black coffee
Breakfast Calorie estimate – 280

Post workout

Snack 12:15pm (post workout)
Almonds w sea salt
Snack Calorie estimate - 70


Lunch 1pm -
Tj's grilled chicken strips, yellow rice, steamed broccoli
Lunch Calorie estimate - 230


Dinner 7:30pm -
Chicken sausage, brown rice, salad w ranch and a crushed GF bagel chip
large glass red wine (pictured below, with less than where I started)
Dinner Calorie estimate - 530


7:45pm -
Mini banana coconut muffin (recipe coming Friday!)


8:30pm –TJ’s dark chocolate PB cup


9:00pm -
Honey nut chex and Annie's GF bunny cookies

9:30pm - (not pictured)
10 reduced fat kettle chips
4 tortilla chips
Post-dinner total Calorie estimate – 290


Pretty good total, especially considering I did some pretty vigorous (for me) strength training and my training run at the gym.  There are plenty of days I have not been this low though – there were a couple times I thought about grabbing something to eat, then I didn’t feel like going to get my phone to take a picture!  So the food diary kinda works in that way too Smile 

After looking at my day and considering the reasons for my late-night snacking, my next step will be to add in a couple healthy snacks during the day to see if that helps me control myself later on from reaching for the treats.  I also think I need more fruits, veggies and protein, so I’m going to focus on those three elements for my snacks.

Any other late-night snackers out there that have successfully kicked the habit?


  1. If I miss my peanut butter spoon for breakfast, or my cornflakes, I find I need them later in the day! Routine, I guess. And if I really try and cut back during the day, it backfires on me, too. Chocolate is soooooo good after a nice dinner meal.

    1. Now if only I could keep it to one piece of chocolate! I'm a major victim of food routine though, have a feeling this is not going to be easy at all.


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