Monday, June 25, 2012

Late-Night Snacking: What Worked, What Didn’t

I completely forgot to update you on the results of last week’s spoonful to attack my snacking.  It went pretty well, although I did derail a bit over the weekend. 

Last Monday I posted some tips I found online for curbing late-night snacking.  They all were helpful tips, but I’d say the one that worked best for me was indulging in the afternoon.  On the days that I sat down to a good-sized snack of yogurt and some produce around 4-5 PM, my willpower was much stronger and I didn’t even want the snacks later on. 
Unfortunately there were days that I did not sit down to that snack, or even eat on a regular schedule, and those days were the ones where I found myself needing to use some of the other tips to keep my hands out of the pantry!

I started off strong on Monday with just a single dark chocolate peanut butter cup after dinner (yay for blog willpower).  I had one each evening after dinner, but Monday was the only day I managed to stick to just that.
062512 - 1
On Tuesday I gave in to temptation and had 1/2 cup of apple cinnamon Chex – that can be blamed on the fact that it was a brand-new flavor that I had just gotten and was eager to try!  It is a great addition to the Chex line and I highly recommend it if you like apple-flavored cereal – it’s made with real sugar, cinnamon and powdered apple, so it doesn’t taste artificial.
062512 - 2
On Wednesday I didn’t eat a proper lunch, and forgot to have my afternoon snack, so I was definitely in the kitchen hunting around.  But after letting myself have the same PB cup and 1/2 cup of apple chex from the night before, I stuck to snacking on the planned cherries.  Delicious satisfaction for my sweet tooth!
062512 - 3
Thursday was more of the same – I just can’t seem to resist that Chex, which means I’m going to have to avoid buying it in the future!  I prefer smoothies for breakfast, so when I get cereal it’s just a snacking indulgence.  But a tasty one, and while there are better options, there are definitely worse ones too Smile

Friday and Saturday I got very snacky, but we were up late Friday and then I smelled BBQ all day long Saturday and it definitely stimulated the appetite - I also indulged in a pina colada on Saturday afternoon so my defenses were way down!  Weekends are obviously an area I need to work on because I tend to be much more relaxed about eating, but at least I went to the gym Friday & Sunday and stayed very active Saturday so hopefully I burned some of it off.

So worth it…
So the afternoon indulgence thing worked out best for me, and eating more protein helped a lot too.  I will also definitely be keeping fresh cherries in my fridge while they’re in season! 

The only tip that really didn’t help me was the stop eating time – the clock was not what stopped me from eating, it was not being hungry that gave me the most willpower.  I think if I noticed food affecting my sleep it might have been a more effective tip, but I seem to sleep fine either way so I found it hard to find a good reason not to eat after 9 Smile

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