Saturday, June 30, 2012

How I Use Evernote to Blog

Evernote has a myriad of possibilities, as I’ve been showing you this week.  It’s actually kind of hard to explain exactly what to use it for, since it’s so versatile and it really depends on your needs, so I’ve been focusing more on how to use it.  Today, I wanted to devote the post to how I utilize the best tool in my arsenal for blogging.

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Now, I’ve only been active for a few months, and I’m still small potatoes (although I’m very proud of getting it off the ground and being any kind of potatoes at all!).  I don’t manage huge volumes of traffic, or deal with lots of emails or comments.  But I still spend a lot of time working on ideas, planning out posts, generating content and working hard to develop an audience base.  I’m sure every blogger out there knows exactly what I’m talking about, and understands the hours, effort and love that goes into a blog! 

Evernote is perfect for all aspects of blogging, because it lends itself to searchability and organization while letting you inundate it with information from all sides.  Here’s how I use it in my everyday blogging:


Chances are, if you write a blog you are regularly focused on post ideas.  I know I am!  I created a Blog Ideas notebook that I use to collect all of my random ideas and findings, and it’s a great place to turn to for inspiration or a memory refresher.  

  • Quickly jot down or outline new ideas anywhere
  • Use the audio recording function to dictate notes when I’m creating recipes
  • Take or upload photos from my phone
  • Use the web clipper tool to capture info and images online – especially helpful because it remembers the page you were on. 

I use tags on all my notes to make it even easier to sort through my ideas.  For example, when we try a new gluten-free product I take pictures and write down notes of our first impressions.  Then I tag it with Gluten-Free Friday.  When I’m looking for something to feature on Friday, I just have to select that tag and it pulls out all of my choices in a single click.

063012 - 1a


This is probably my best trick – the Blog Post Planner.  It’s amazingly simple, yet effective.  What really makes it work is the use of note links.  On Sunday I compile a list of the posts that I want to do that week, and create links to my notes with details on those posts. 

063012 - 2

All I have to do is click on the link and it takes me straight to the note where all my notes, links, pictures, etc are located.  Definitely saves a lot of time!  I made it even easier by adding a shortcut button to the Blog Post Planner on the bookmarks bar – just click on the note and drag it into the bookmarks bar, and it’ll create the shortcut.

Generating Content

Evernote is a great tool to keep track of blog content you want to post.  I take my ideas notes and expand on them so everything I need is ready to go when I post.  Here are some ideas:

  • Pictures – especially great because it’s easy to access them from any device to edit the images
  • Screen clips – everything you see pictured in this post was a quick screen clip
  • Links
  • Content outlines
  • Recipe notes
  • HTML to embed
  • To-do reminders to update pages

Thanks to simple tags and a great search function, it’s easy to pull out the content when I need it, and I can access and update it from anywhere.  

Do you use Evernote to blog?


  1. useful ideas i must say. I would interested in knowing if there was a way to integrate Evernote's new food application into posting for a blog. It just seems like the natural progression of their software.

    1. I agree, and technically you could blog from Evernote Food by emailing the note to your blog post email address - however the down side is you can't edit what shows up, and I prefer not to broadcast my home address. Plus I dislike that EN Food crops my pictures - inevitably it cuts out something I want :)


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