Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Go Paperless with ScanDrop to Evernote

Chances are, you’ve got a lot of paper in your house.  Magazines, newspapers, receipts, paperwork…it never seems to end!  I used to keep binders for my magazine clips, and lots of files for paperwork and receipts.  I organized it as best as I could, and it was great if I just wanted to browse, but it was time consuming to find exactly what I wanted because I had to flip through everything piece by piece.

Enter Evernote – the amazing searchable software!  Since Evernote can search for text within pictures, scanning was the perfect solution for all of that paper.  Not only am I able to toss the unnecessary stuff as soon as it’s scanned, I can find what I need in an instant. 

You may have seen their fancy little portable scanners advertised, like the Fujitsu ScanSnap, that scan directly to Evernote.  Sounds great, sure, but so expensive!  No need to spend any extra money if you’ve already got a scanner - just download the free ScanDrop software.  It’s a desktop application that syncs with your Evernote to let you scan paper directly into your Evernote, complete with tags, notes and notebook assignment, so you only have to handle it once.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, you just have to select the cloud storage you want it to scan to (Google Docs and Dropbox are also options), log in with your Evernote credentials and it’ll sync up to get your Notebook and Tag lists.

Hit Scan, and select Color, Black & White or Gray (color is the slowest).

062712 - 1

Once it scans, you can choose from the options on the toolbar to crop or rotate – just be sure to hit Apply when you’re done.

062712 - 2

Then add the title and enter a note, update the notebook and tags if desired.  Click upload, and it’ll go straight to Evernote!

062712 - 3

You can do multiple pages, just repeat the scanning process.  I have had it crash occasionally with a whole lot of pages, but normally there are no issues.

062712 - 4

One thing to note – ScanDrop uploads everything as a PDF attachment, so you have to have a premium membership to make the text within the pages searchable (free users can still search by title, tags or added notes).  All the more reason to enter my giveaway, below!

Yesterday, I posted about the Evernote web clippers (and updated this morning with better demos).  My brother tipped me off to a clipper that I missed mentioning, Evernote Clearly, and I had to add it to this post.

Evernote Clearly

Evernote Clearly is an extension for Google Chrome that takes out all the excess on a webpage and leaves you with just the article in a clean, uncluttered format – you can even customize the background color and text size to suit you.  I’ve used it for reading online, but when Jason pointed out that it was also a clipper tool I knew it was going to get used a lot more frequently!

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Full Screen View - Evernote Tutorial - Evernote Clearly

Once again, odds are still great for my giveaway – if no one wants it, Jason, it’s going to you for your great tip Smile

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