Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fitness Rut Shattered!

This week’s spoonful to break out of my fitness rut has been exactly what I needed!  I feel like I’m back on track with my fitness, and headed towards things I never thought I’d even attempt to do.  I’ve let “I can’t” hold me back for way too long, and by putting myself out there and trying I’m learning that I actually can do some of those things, and it feels amazing! 

Yesterday’s personal training session at O2 Fitness with Andy was a major eye opener to the capabilities of my body.  By sticking to lighter weights and yoga for my strength training, I’ve challenged myself but never pushed myself.  He had me lunging with a TRX suspension setup, squatting and doing bicep curls with 10 lb dumbbells, doing plank with knee lifts on an inverted Bosu ball, and pulling 70 lbs total on the lat pulldown machine (and that’s just the highlights).  And I survived to tell the tale! 


There were a few moments during the ab circuits where I out and out failed, but I got back up and he just switched me to something easier that would work the same muscle group.  He was great at judging the number of reps I could do before it became too much, but he would also push me to lunge lower or go faster if he could tell it wasn’t challenging me enough.  

After everything he put me though, I honestly thought I’d be immobile today.  I won’t lie and say I don’t feel it – I am definitely quite sore, and a little bit stiff, but it’s in all the right places.  I didn’t hurt myself, I didn’t strain anything, and I know I’ll be ready to get back on that horse and do it all again in a day or two!  I wish I could keep going with the personal training, but unfortunately it’s not an option for my budget.  I paid close attention though and have faith that I can do pretty well on my own with the great start Andy gave me!

I also hit another fitness milestone this week – I hit the halfway point on my 5K running program!  I’m up to 5-minute intervals, and my body is definitely stepping up to the challenge.  It’s still difficult, and I’m not yet pushing myself as far as speed goes, but it feels so good to accomplish something I never thought I’d even try to do. 

060212 - 1

To reward myself for reaching this point, I treated myself to a new song for my workout playlist – it popped up on my Pandora last week and I immediately knew it would really inspire me to push harder! 

I really think it helps to encourage myself with something fitness-related, like new gear or music.  What do you like to reward yourself with for accomplishing your fitness goals?


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