Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eating Out Gluten Free: Charlie Goodnight’s Comedy Club

I used to enjoy going out to eat, but when you’re strictly gluten free it becomes a major challenge for both you and the restaurant, especially when they aren’t a place that advertises having a GF menu available. 

But sometimes, there’s a really good reason to inflict your gluten-free self upon an unsuspecting restaurant – like when one of your favorite comics is the headliner at Charlie Goodnight’s $30 Thursdays!

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You may recognize Jon Reep from TV, movies or commercials – he’s been around!  We became fans when he appeared on (and won) Last Comic Standing, and he is hilarious if you appreciate redneck humor.  And we do Smile 

So anyway, back to the food!  The deal they offer on Thursdays is dinner for two at the Old Bar (one appetizer, two entrees) and two tickets to the show for just $30.  Not including beverages, of course, but still a great deal.  So I figured I’d give it a try.

I am happy to say that it was a great experience!  We started off with the chips and salsa appetizer – corn tortilla chips, not fried in house, so those were fine for me.  The server was really accommodating and patient with me, and checked on everything before we ordered.

For my entrée I had to get a little more creative with the menu, but they had no problems modifying for me and everything came out perfectly.  I ended up ordering the grilled chicken sandwich, minus the bread and french fries, with extra lettuce and tomato.  I also ended up adding bacon and grilled onions to make it a little more substantial.  I’ll take bacon over bread any day…


Yes, there’s chicken under all that bacon! 

All it takes is a place that pays attention, and it’s great when you get a server who cares enough to follow up properly and communicate your needs to the kitchen.  Just be patient with them, and please remember to tip them well!   

The show was really good, plus by eating in the restaurant we had priority seating so we sat right next to the stage.  Jon was as funny as ever, and we had a great time.

Big thanks to Charlie Goodnight’s for a wonderful evening.  We will be back!

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