Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who’s Up for a Challenge?

This week I’ve been striving to find ways to challenge myself.  Lately I have been exercising regularly, but sticking to my comfort zone, and I know I need to push myself if I want to get big changes.  After writing Sunday’s post, I was all gung ho and did Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred that evening, and it felt great. Even just doing Level 1 pushed me to my limits, and my muscles were definitely feeling it!

  I woke up the next day in a lot of pain, as was expected, but at least I know I challenged myself.  I ended up giving myself a couple of days to recuperate and today I’m going to jump back in with a Leslie Sansone 3 miler – I want to make sure I’m not so sore that I’m tempted to take a couple days off again, so I’m saving my next round with Jillian for tomorrow after some walk/run intervals on the greenway at the park.

I’ve also signed up for the Pi Glow fitness challenge offered through a blog I recently started reading, The Balanced Life.  It’s a 21-day online challenge that will use emails to send motivational tips, meal plans and workouts designed to sculpt and tone using Pilates and strength training.  Best part is, it’s free!  I’ve never done any kind of challenge like this, but I think that it’s a great opportunity to inspire some change by trying something new, and I’m excited to get started.

The emails start going out tomorrow, and the program starts on Monday May 7th.  You can get more details and sign up here if you’re interested in joining in with me!  I’ll share my progress over the next few weeks, and hopefully will have something to show for it at the end Smile

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