Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedding Planning: Staying Organized

First and foremost, my advice to stay organized is to hire a wedding planner, particularly if you’re having a destination wedding.  That person will be invaluable for providing vendor contacts, handling contracts, and managing the nuts and bolts of the event.  Which will in turn give you more time to focus on the more personal (and fun) elements.  I worked with Brittany of BAO Events in Ocean Isle Beach and she was absolutely amazing, I could not have done it without her!


Now, even with a planner, you’re going to need to have a way to keep all the little details together.  I created a big custom binder, using dividers with pockets so I could store things like swatches or invitation samples.  Then within the larger sections I used more dividers to help break it down and make things easier to organize and find. 

051012 - 1

The binder is a great way to cut back on the wedding magazine clutter and store just the clips you want, and it also gives you a central place to store contracts and receipts.

Then, about halfway through our engagement, Evernote entered my life.  It quickly became a great planning resource (bonus – it’s free!).  It’s incredibly versatile and can handle all kinds of media, from voice recordings to web clips, and they make everything so effortlessly searchable that it became invaluable to my scattered bridal brain!  Here are some of the ways I used it:

  • Stored PDFs of all signed vendor contracts
  • Saved pictures of dresses and wedding party outfits that I liked for easy side-by-side comparison
  • Forwarded important email communications with my planner and vendors
  • Kept track of everything I needed to accomplish on planning trips via checklists
  • Used map pins when driving around Ocean Isle to note locations of hotels, properties for rent, restaurants, etc for creating my website and guest map
As a bonus, everything I put in it was instantly accessible at all times from my iPhone or any computer, so I didn’t have to haul the big binder on my wedding planning trips.
051012 - 3
For the actual wedding weekend, I also created an accordion folder so I could bring just the necessary items along.  I wanted to make sure I had extra paper copies of everything just in case.
051012 - 2
Yes, I know, this may seem a little bit crazy.  But organization helps keep me calm, and it actually ended up really saving us when our officiant showed up without a copy of the ceremony and I had one at the ready!  Being prepared is not always necessary, but it often pays off Smile
I just wanted to share a few of my organization tips that really helped me out – if you have any questions, or tips of your own, please share in the comments!


  1. This is really great and very helpful! I must say most of the credit is owed to you and how well organized you were! I think being organized can be very calming I know for me it is as well! I really enjoyed this blog ,I can't wait to read more!

    1. Aw, thanks Brittany! You kept me totally in line though :-)


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