Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wedding Planning: Guest Extras

In all the hoopla, don’t forget that your guests are taking time out of their lives to come see you get married, and in some cases are also traveling pretty far.  It’s a good idea to make sure that they feel welcome!  I had a lot of fun putting together the little extras, and with a little DIY effort I didn’t have to spend a lot.

051212 - 1These bags look really nice, right?  Would you believe they only cost me $1 each?  That’s right!  The dollar store can have some real gems.  I did have to go to 2 locations to get enough in the colors I wanted, but it was well worth it.  Actually cost me less than it would have to order paper bags online! 

051212 - 2



I wanted to give them a little personal flair, so I printed up tags on card stock and attached them to the straps with raffia.  I used the same beach grass picture and font throughout all of the paper elements of the wedding.


051212 - 3

051212 - 4I fell in love with the idea of customized water bottles when I saw them in a bridal magazine, but they were really expensive.  My mom bought me this cute book, DIY Bride Crafty Countdown, and it included the instructions for making my own so I decided to give it a shot. 




I created a Word document with the labels and printed them out on my inkjet printer using photo paper because I liked the glossy effect. Then I bought a couple cases of water and removed the labels (this was surprisingly easy – they are only glued in one spot).  We used double-sided tape at each end of the custom labels and wrapped them around the bottles. 

It was a great activity to do in front of the TV, and I was really happy with the end result!  (Remember, though, not to put them in a cooler with ice, since they are not designed to stand up to soaking in water).

We put the water bottles in the bags along with a variety of snacks and candy from our local BJ’s warehouse club, and a map for the guests to help them find their way around Ocean Isle Beach. 

051212 - 6

This was a really easy project thanks to Google Maps – you can create your own custom maps very easily, adding however many locations you want and customizing their icons.  I took a screen shot of the Google Map and labeled it with each place using Word so it would be more user friendly, then printed them out on card stock with the map on the front and information about each place on the back.  I was also able to put an interactive map with their widget feature on our wedding website.


051212 - 7

We had our ceremony on the sand, so I also wanted to provide beach-appropriate footwear and ways for the guests to shield themselves from the elements.  I bought cheap flip flops at Old Navy and gave them a personal touch with strips of paper and stickers in my beach grass theme.

IMG_2611 IMG_2598

It’s always worth the extra effort to make your guests feel comfortable!  And admit it, part of the fun of weddings is the little favors and things you get to take home to remember them by Smile

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