Friday, May 11, 2012

Wedding Planning: DIY Decor

I think that making things for your wedding is great – not only does it usually save you money, it’s nice to look at the things afterward and know what went into them.  Today I want to share with you some details about what we created for our wedding.

I loved all the monogram touches I saw in magazines, and I wanted to incorporate our initials somehow.  I saw an idea for this in a magazine and knew I had to recreate it.

051112 - 4

It was super simple – I bought wooden letters, shimmery gold spray paint and teal ribbon at Michael’s.  Then all we had to do was spray paint the letters (it took 2 coats) and glue the ribbons to the backs.  We hung them over the front door of the house. 

What I learned: the letters banged around too much when the door opened, so we had to add Command strips to the backs to adhere them directly to the door. 

Next up, centerpieces!  I wanted to avoid spending a lot of money on flowers, so I decided the best way to get a gorgeous bouquet and still do that was to opt for non-floral centerpieces.051112 - 6

For the high-top cocktail tables, I bought a case of ball jars and added some décor sand and shells to the bottom, then put in a votive.  They still looked plain, so I tied raffia around the tops of each.

051112 - 7

For the dinner tables I ended up going with floating flowers to add a little freshness.  I bought the shallow bowls and decorative sea glass at Walmart, and then just added water on top of the glass and floated the candles.  (I bought all my candles here, since all I could find in stores was scented and I knew that was a bad idea).

What I learned: don’t float flowers with tons of petals in a bowl with lit candles.  As you can see from the photo above, we got some scorched parts where they got too close! 

051112 - 5

We had a seating chart, and I wanted to make sure that each table was clearly marked. I also needed to make sure that the numbers didn’t blow away in the wind! I bought décor sand and shells at Walmart and did a little photo shoot with a Pyrex dish of sand in my backyard.

051112 - 5a

The bases are just little wooden plaques, also from Michael’s, that we spray painted with gold and glued shells and rocks to. I found the shells precut for placecards online. I printed 2 copies of each photo, glued them back to back to be visible from both sides, then glued the photo into the holder to make sure it stayed put. I added small pint ball jars to frame them.

What I learned: the small ball jars were too shallow to protect the candle flames from the wind. We had similar challenges with the shallow bowl centerpieces too. 

051112 - 8

Let me start by saying I didn’t actually make this in its entirety – the signage at the top was from a very talented seller on Etsy.  But we did rig up the stand it is on, and had a lot of fun doing it!  It needed a good base, since I planned to put it on concrete and it had to stand up to wind. 

051112 - 8a

Hubs found a cheap wooden coat rack on Amazon and removed the top of it, then spray painted it white to better match the sign.  Then, to really authenticate it, he distressed the paint by whacking it with a chain.  I was really impressed with the results!

051112 - 8b

FYI – my wedding planner Brittany bought this off me after the wedding, so it may be available for her other Knots Landing brides!

These projects are particularly special to me because of the people that helped me make them happen, so I’d like to once again thank them for giving their time and effort Smile


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