Monday, May 7, 2012

Wedding Day Memories

A year ago today I married the love of my life in a beautiful ceremony on Ocean Isle Beach, NC.  The time has flown since, and I am looking forward to the adventures in the year to come!  This week I’m devoting my blog posts to revisiting that special day and sharing my experiences in planning it.

My number one tip is to make the photographer a priority – find someone you click with as soon as possible, and don’t skimp on the proportion of your budget.  In all the planning excitement you might really want that fancy dress or those expensive flower arrangements, and it might seem like a good idea to cheap out on the photographer at the time.  Don’t you dare! 

Because when all is said and done,

The buffet gets eaten…

050712 - 1

The cake gets cut…

050712 - 2

The decorations are all taken down…

050712 - 3

The dress is in a closet…

050712 - 4

And the flowers die.

050712 - 5

If you didn’t have someone talented capturing all of those things on film and working their magic, you might be left feeling like you don’t have much to show for it.

But if you did….

050712 - 6

050712 - 7

050712 - 8

You can revisit those special memories forever.

Now, we were very lucky because my cousin Patrick happens to be an amazing photographer so we contracted him right away.  Unfortunately, he has moved on from weddings to the greener pastures of corporate event photography.  But there are no shortage of talented wedding photographers out there eager for your business!  Make sure you find a good one.  You won’t regret it.


  1. Wow....your blog continues to amaze. And, yes, those photographs have fueled over 60 digital design pages for your mom to have fun making. And may I say, thank you, are the BEST.

  2. Jenni- thanks! Wow!! I love your dialogue on the importance of great images, and to be very clear - I was the lucky one to be able to be there and capture your wedding day with our families!!!

    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Hey thanks! I was going to email you the post and totally spaced, so I'm glad my mom passed it along :-)


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