Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spoonful Sunday: Try Something New

I really enjoyed this past week’s spoonful to make time for family, because it was basically a little vacation from regular life Smile  The trip also inspired my spoonful for this week!  Going to my first yoga class and realizing how much fun it was made me want to shake it up a little bit more and focus on trying new things.  It is very easy for me to stick to the same routine without much variation, which is reassuringly predictable but I know that a lot is passing me by in the meantime.

051912 - 10aI was eager to get going so I began this spoonful a little early.  To start off the challenge, I entered my first recipe contest with our favorite turkey burgers.  Hubs and I also updated them a bit with fresher ingredients, extra flavors and a special sauce, so those were made new too!

052012 - 1I also participated in the first-ever Evernote Cook-Along and made crepes for the first time since I was a kid (and technically then I was just helping mom so it doesn’t count).  I definitely had a rough start with them when my batter was too thick and I was getting a little frustrated, but I kept thinning it out and trying again and eventually got something half decent to come out of the pan!  More to come on that adventure tomorrow once I can cobble together a recipe Smile


On the fitness front, I’ve been working on a new (to me) program, Couch to 5K.  I know to all you runners out there 5K sounds easy, but for a girl who walked as much of the mile run as possible in school it’s a big challenge!  It paces you using timed walk-run intervals to gradually work your way up.  I’m on week two and so far have been able to stick to the training schedule exactly, so I have high hopes for that 5K in a couple of months!  I’m posting my progress to my Twitter account if you want to check it out.

  052012 - 1a

Today I took my training run to a new place as well, the Historic Yates Mill County park on Lake Wheeler in Raleigh.  It was definitely different from Lake Benson, with mostly dirt trails instead of pavement, but it kept me on my toes and I really enjoyed the new views.  I have driven past it for years and had no idea this much water was hiding back there!

052012 - 2

052012 - 3

052012 - 4

052012 - 5

This is a working mill and they grind cornmeal here and sell it, although I haven’t tried it yet.  I will definitely be visiting again and will have to check it out Smile


  1. I was just telling my friend Alex about that 5k app and how we needed to do it together!

    1. It's definitely perfect if you're new to running like I am! I'm sure you can get the program for free online, but I like the app because the voice cues you when to run and when to slow down so you can just enjoy your music and not worry about timers :-)


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