Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spoonful Sunday: Confessions of a Digital Hoarder

Today is Sunday, so it’s time to add another spoonful!  This week I’m tackling one of my biggest dirty little secrets…

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Looks pretty innocent, right?  Little do you know that inside is a mass of unnecessary photos, files, and junk.  The problem with computers is that their clutter isn’t in your face all the time like junk in your house.  They’re sleek and small, and it’s so easy to just keep saving and saving without ever going back through it all.  Recently I came across this article on digital hoarders from the Wall Street Journal, and while I’m not nearly that extreme, I definitely see my potential for it if I don’t act fast! 

I’ve got a list of what I’d like to accomplish to get my PC house in order, and through this week I’m hoping to tackle at least most of it.

  • Clean up Evernote – delete unnecessary notes, tags, etc.  This is the big one for me, I’ve ignored all but the time-sensitive stuff for awhile and I put pretty much everything in it so there’s a ton to go through.
  • Clean out and organize my digital photos – since I got an iPhone, I have a staggering amount of pictures, particularly of Kitsa!  I know I don’t need all of them Smile
  • Clean out My Documents – I don’t use this much anymore since I’ve migrated so much to Evernote, but I’ve left a lot of old files in there that I’d like to go through
  • Go through programs list and uninstall anything I haven’t used in the last year
  • Do a big cleanup of all the junk taking up space – temporary files, downloads, cookies, etc (Revo Uninstaller Pro is great for this)

I’m hoping once I can get through this, I’ll feel a lot less overwhelmed and can focus on developing a good working system for dealing with new additions immediately, instead of letting it pile up and ending up right back where I started.

Now don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you all with stories about going through my crap all week.  Instead, in honor of our first anniversary tomorrow, this week is going to be all things wedding!  I had a (mostly) wonderful time planning the perfect day, and I think it’ll be fun to relive it all while sharing my experiences and what I learned from them.  Until tomorrow…


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  1. You can clean up my computer files next!


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