Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spoonful Sunday: Break Out of My Fitness Rut

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been branching out a little and learning to run for the first time in my life (the shoes are great, by the way).  The exhilaration I’ve felt each week as I’ve been able to push myself harder and further than I expected has been eye opening.  Breaking out of my rut even a little and challenging myself is just what I need to help keep my motivation going and start seeing some changes!

I’ve done at-home fitness DVDs for years, occasionally adding a new one to my collection but mostly sticking with my old favorites.  They’re challenging and always get my heart rate going, but it’s the same old moves every time, same music, same dialogue.  It definitely gets old, not only for my mind but for my muscles. 

I’ve got a few ideas to try out to break out of my fitness rut – I’m going to check out classes at a local gym, and I’ve got a Groupon voucher for an online yoga studio streaming subscription that I’m going to redeem.  I might even see if I can find a good deal for a class at a real yoga studio!  Wish me luck Smile

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