Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick Garden Update

Went out to check on the garden this afternoon and spotted our first tomato blossom!

051012 - 1

Most of our plants are still too young for blossoms, but we bought a more mature Husky Cherry Red tomato plant so it’s further along.

Everything has pretty much doubled in size though, and is coming along nicely.  Our tomato plants in the big garden grew enough to start training them to grow up the trellis. 

051012 - 2

It’s not complicated at all – just loosely loop a twist tie around the plant and trellis.  They make special extra-long twist ties just for this purpose, you can get a pack for about $3.

Our container garden is also growing very rapidly, which is great because it means they’ve recovered well from the shock of transplanting.  For the first week after we planted I was watering 2x a day to help them adjust, but we’re back to our usual schedule of once a day if it hasn’t rained.

051012 - 3

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