Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Lucky Day

Yesterday was the best day I’ve had in a long time!  It all started with an email…

053012 - 1

When I posted my recipe and talked about entering the contest I figured that would be it, and I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I was floored when I saw this!  Then I realized that I am one of only two finalists, and I might really have a shot at this thing, and I got really excited Smile  It’s all coming down to popular vote though, and I would really appreciate your support – please vote for me here.

The feedback they gave was so rewarding, it really made me feel like I’m on the right track with this food blog adventure.  Their beautiful words also have inspired me to work on my food writing skills – I would never have come up with this description, but it really makes my recipe sound like a winner (I hope).

053012 - 2







They even did a professional photo shoot with my burger, doesn’t it look great?  I obviously also need to work on my skills with food styling and photography as well – but that’s a spoonful for another day!

053012 - 3

Then, as I was still reeling over this, I got another email informing me that I won a goody bag in the Evernote Crepe Cook-along I did that same weekend!  It was a random drawing of the participants, so nothing to do with skill, but still very exciting – I am a total Evernote nerd!

Riding on a winning high, I drove out to the local gym I wanted to check out, O2 Fitness.  I haven’t been a gym member since high school, and I was more than a little nervous, but without challenging myself and conquering my nerves I’m not going to get anywhere.  They were really welcoming, though, and helped put me at ease right away.  I got a full tour of the place, did a quick workout, and ended up signing up for a membership.

I know, that sounds hasty.  But I’m in the workout habit and excuses are well behind me, and I know my outdoor runs are only going to get more miserable as summer heats up.  I’m also eager to work a lot more on my strength training and try some classes. 

They were offering a great deal too, $1 enrollment and the first three months free, plus I’ve got two weeks to change my mind if I hate it – but I really don’t think I will.  Fate reinforced my decision this morning when I woke up ready for my next training run and it was pouring! Got my butt to the gym and onto the treadmill and totally rocked it Smile 

One of the new member perks is a couple of personal training sessions to get me started on a regimen, and I’m scheduled for my first one tomorrow.  I’m still nervous, but eager to get going! 

I know I said it above, but in case you kept reading and forgot by this point, please show your support and vote for my burger


  1. Congrats Jenni! You've got my vote! The burger is delicious!

    1. Thank you! Sounds like you tried it, that makes me really happy to hear :) if we win this first thing I'll be using that gift card for is more burger ingredients, I already want it again...


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