Thursday, May 31, 2012

My First Fitness Assessment at O2 Fitness

In my post yesterday I talked about joining O2 Fitness, and today was my first free personal training session that came with my new membership.  I went in thinking it would just be a more in-depth tour of the place with some hands-on demonstrations for the equipment I was curious about.  Turns out, I was wrong.

Instead, I had to take my first professional fitness assessment!  I got a little nervous imagining having to perform a series of challenging exercises that would demonstrate just how weak I actually am.  And yes, there was a little challenge, and yes, I felt a little weak.  But that’s the whole point of starting this endeavor, right?

It started with a round of questions regarding medications, lifestyle, past injuries etc so he could make sure he wasn’t going to kill me.  Fortunately I have a very uncomplicated health history so that part went pretty quickly.  Thanks for the great genes, mom & dad Smile

Next he checked out my weight, then gave me this digital handheld device that determined my body fat percentage.  That was probably the low point for me – I fell in the “slight risk” category.  But once again, that’s why I’m doing this, to amp up the strength training so I can develop more lean muscle and torch fat!

Then it was time for the physical tests.  We started with a check of my heart rate – he put me on a treadmill and had me walk briskly until I reached 65% of my max, which per my age is 124, then stopped it and timed how long it took me to recover.  This test I accidentally skewed – not knowing what to expect, I had done cardio for a half hour so I would be warmed up, and he said that probably had a negative effect on my results.  Going to go in cold tomorrow so we can try it again!

He checked my balance by having me stand on one foot, first with my eyes open, then closed (for the record, closed is harder!).  I aced both of those, balance has never been a problem for me, particularly since I started (semi-regularly) practicing yoga.

The worst part was saved for last – the dreaded push-up and squat tests!  First I had to do as many push-ups as possible in 1 minute.  He let me do girl push-ups at least, with my knees on the floor instead of my toes, but I still struggled through that one – although surprisingly was in the above average category, which made me feel a little better!

Last was the squats test.  That one wasn’t nearly as bad though, since I just had to do a few so he could check my form to make sure I knew the basics.  I have done enough fitness videos to know all about form by now!  So the whole thing ended on a high note for me when he said my squats were great Smile

All in all, it was not nearly as scary as it sounded, and the assessment will help him determine what I can handle to push me towards my goal.  Now I get to be nervous about tomorrow, when the real workout starts!


  1. I am so proud of you; I would SO never do a fitness evaluation!!!

  2. Calculating my body fat sounds terrifying!!!

    1. I was just relieved that technology has moved beyond the calipers! Would have been mortifying to stand there while various parts got pinched and measured :-)


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