Friday, May 25, 2012

Gluten-Free Friday: Easy Eats

This week I’m changing up GF Friday a bit and not highlighting a food product.  Instead, I’m featuring my favorite food magazine!

Easy Eats is an online-only publication dedicated to all things gluten free.  It’s an absolutely stunning magazine, filled with appetizing recipes.  They definitely have incredibly talented chefs, food stylists and photographers on staff - I practically want to lick the screen when I’m reading it!

I haven’t made too many recipes from it yet, but the few I’ve tried have been great.  They did a recent feature on Girl Scout cookies that looked insanely amazing, so I’m thinking of attempting their GF version of Thin Mints as my next baking project.

Pretty sure Hubs won’t protest too much to being my taste tester on this one Smile

Easy Eats is a bimonthly digital publication with a yearly subscription rate of $16 (not only better but also cheaper than all other GF publications).  A subscription gives you access to the magazine online, and the full site with a great blog and recipe vault.  They also have free iPad and Android apps.  Go here to access a free trial issue!

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