Saturday, May 19, 2012

Exploring Charlotte, NC

I had a great week visiting my parents in Charlotte!  I grew up there, but haven’t lived there since high school.  A lot has definitely changed since then, and my mom had fun showing me around. 

One of the perks of my visit was getting to tag along to my mom’s fitness classes.  She took me to my first ever yoga class (I have done yoga for years, but always using DVDs) at the Harris YMCA Express in the Southpark area.  It was a deep stretch and relaxation class with Debra T., and it was absolutely amazing.  Challenging but not overwhelming, and she went around to correct us and help us get into the poses more deeply, which I really enjoyed.  I left feeling thoroughly refreshed.  Definitely made me want to branch out from DVDs and seek out yoga classes up in my area!

We also went up to explore a section of the new Metropolitan Avenue Greenway, near uptown.  Last time I saw the area it was really run down (the creek you see was actually paved over entirely), so it was a complete shock to see this place!  I borrowed my dad’s brand-new Canon digital SLR camera along and had a lot of fun exploring and taking pictures.

051912 - 1

051912 - 2

051912 - 3

051912 - 6

051912 - 7

051912 - 4

051912 - 5

I could not get over how amazing that camera was, so when I got home I had to keep taking pictures around our backyard.  I especially like the close-up function, since it blurs out the background to draw focus to the central image.  I’ve used iPhone apps to get that effect, but it’s definitely not the same!

051912 - 8

051912 - 9

051912 - 10

051912 - 11

It’s a little hard to go back to my iPhone camera after this, but at least I now appreciate and understand the value of a really good camera!  And I’ll definitely be borrowing it again, dad Smile

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  1. Isn't amazing how much Charlotte has changed! My bestie sis lives in Huntersville.

    1. I know, right? We had friends in Huntersville too and I was so amazed on my first visit how that town seemed to have sprung from nowhere :-) Makes it more fun to visit home though!


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