Friday, May 25, 2012

Do You Pronate?

If you’d asked me that question a couple months ago, I’d have probably thought you were talking about some new childrearing method.  But thanks to my newfound (semi) enjoyment of running, I’ve been enlightened, and wish I had known about pronation long ago! 

Part of my strategy in the first weeks of my program has been to watch other runners to analyze technique and stride.  I admired how they seemed to flawlessly land and propel forward using their entire foot, and I tried to imitate it.  But every time I looked at my own feet, they just looked strange, almost pigeon-toed.  I didn’t get it.

Then on my last run, I started getting slight shooting pains in my ankles, and realized that my weird gait was probably to blame (and my old shoes weren’t helping either).  So I decided it was time to learn about my feet and get some new shoes, so I went online to Asics to do a little research.

First, I needed to check my arch type, so I did the paper bag test with wet feet.  It was exactly what I thought it would be - I have really high arches.

052512 - 1

Per the info, people with high arches usually are either neutral or underpronators.  Finally, I found a word for my weird gait!  I land on the outsides of my feet and can’t seem to ever get them properly flat on the ground.  This results in a lot of stress on the feet and ankles, so they recommend finding a shoe with extra cushioning to help absorb the impact.

The Asics running shoes page was very helpful for me in putting together a short list to take to the store.  They illustrate what arch types each shoe is designed for, and the descriptions are great.  This turned out to be especially helpful for me, since apparently underpronating is extremely uncommon and the salespeople kept trying to tell me I needed a stability shoe (those are made for overpronators, much more common, and the exact opposite of what is good for my foot).

I ended up with a great pair of Asics from the gel series, the Nimbus 13, on sale at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I tried on lots of pairs, both more and less expensive, but I knew the Nimbus was perfect instantly – I could really feel a difference in how it held my feet, and they actually help guide them right direction when I hit the ground.  I’m really looking forward to trying them out on tomorrow morning’s run!

052512 - 2

So I can add underpronator to the list of things that put me in the minority, along with being gluten intolerant and left handed – I just love being difficult, apparently Smile 

Any one else out there that deals with under- or overpronation? 


  1. Your right foot turned in s o much I had to steer you up the hill to FIS using the handle on that pink box backpack!!! I under pronate too and have high arches. Sorry about that. :-). And, yes, salespeople have no idea how to fit us. I actually just got a pair is slip on sketcher sneakers and my feet stay nice and flat and pointing straight down the street!! And it helps they were $30 at Ross.

    1. Thanks! I might have to look into something like that for errands and stuff, I can imagine constantly wearing my reefs is not so good for my feet...

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  6. At that point on my last run, I began getting slight shooting torments in my lower legs, and understood that my odd step was likely to fault (and my old shoes weren't aiding either). So I chose the time had come to find out about my feet and get some new shoes, so I went online to Asics to do a little research.

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