Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Change of Scenery

I really enjoy using my home gym space, and I know I’m lucky to have a good area where I can stretch out and get a good sweat on indoors.  Sometimes, though, I just want to look at something other than my TV and the backyard while working out!  So this morning I decided to take it outdoors.

We live fairly close to Lake Benson in Garner, NC.  It’s got a lot of great walking trails, both paved and unpaved, and a lot of it is in the shade (huge bonus in my opinion!).  I have been out there a few times but today I spent a good hour walking/running and exploring.

050312 - 1

050312 - 2

050312 - 3

050312 - 4

Best part was finding this view right as I was cooling down – it was a beautiful place to stretch and enjoy the morning peace! 

050312 - 5

I will definitely be coming back again.  I did mostly fast walking this time, but I did run for about 1/2 mile out of the 4 plus I covered.  Sounds totally wimpy I know, but I have never in my life been remotely interested in moving at any pace above a brisk walk so I’m pretty proud of my start Smile  

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