Monday, April 23, 2012

Taking Great Photos: What’s Your Angle?

Last week I introduced Kitsa, my calico.  Today I want to introduce you to the other feline member of our family, Black – a.k.a. Fatty, Fat-Tastic and Shut Up (just kidding on that last one…sort of)

042312 - 1

Now, looking at this picture, you might wonder at his nicknames.  He doesn’t look abnormally large.  He even looks pretty darn cute.  However, come at him from another angle and….

042312 - 2

When it comes to taking pictures, the right angle is key to getting great shots.  Here’s one I snapped of Kitsa when she was napping on the couch:

042312 - 3

She looks cute, sure, but it doesn’t really catch your eye, and the blanket in the background is messy and distracting.  Then I got much closer and on her level.  Same exact pose, but the details of her fur and coloring really pop and there are fewer distracting elements:

042312 - 4

042312 - 5

The iPhone is especially great for getting close-ups like this – I put it in silent mode and it doesn’t startle her at all. 

Next time you’re taking a photo, experiment with different angles.  You might be surprised at what turns out to be your favorite shot! 

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