Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stop and Smell the Roses

This morning I went outside to water our garden and spotted the first blossoming rose of spring.  I had to take time to stop and capture the moment!

041712 - 1

We have beautiful flowers all over our property, and I love watching the blossoming colors each year – here is some of what I’ve gotten to enjoy so far.

041712 - 2

We also have a fairly large garden my husband built to grow fresh produce in the summer.  Right now it’s pretty bare, but by late summer it spills over with goodness!

041712 - 3

At the moment all we’ve got planted are some lettuces and spinach since it’s still fairly early in the season.  I’m looking forward to enjoying some delicious salads soon!

041712 - 4

Still doing well on the no excuses front - got my workout in yesterday as planned!  I rescheduled my AM yoga this to later today after my cardio - I remembered once I got started that I dislike yoga in the morning, since my muscles are still short from being prone and stretching hurts.  Plus I think I have a better chance of improving my flexibility if I practice when my muscles are warm and limber.  Here’s my motivator for the day:

I may never come close to this chick, but I won’t know for sure unless I try!

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