Saturday, April 28, 2012

Staying on Track with Goals

This week I’ve been thinking about the goals that I need to set for myself to achieve my overall goal of being strong, fit and at my happy weight.  I feel like I’m off to a good start with exercise, and as long as I keep pushing myself I know I can get there.

On to the other side of the coin – nutrition.  Exercise is definitely not enough to get where I want to be without paying more attention to what I eat.  I believe that I try to be a healthy eater most of the time.  I always eat my vegetables and make sure I’m eating balanced meals.  It’s the extra snacking and my sweet tooth that derails the whole thing for me, particularly at night.  I have very little willpower when it comes to chocolate, especially frozen dark chocolate peanut butter cups!

042812 - 1

But when I put my mind to it, I know I can resist it.  I’m not going to cut my favorite treats out, I’m just going to keep it to a single treat instead of several.  I have never been a person to follow any kind of diet plan, although I have had more success when I plan meals and snacks in advance and track my calories.  But I’m going to start  spoonful-style, with a basic set of guidelines to target what I see as my weak areas.

  • Limit late night snacking – one treat after dinner
  • Limit red meat to 1x/week, limit higher-fat white meats
  • Eat more whole foods/produce for snacks instead of packaged items
  • Limit wine to 1 glass max per day (this one will likely get bent on special occasions, but I’m going to try to even those out by taking nights off)

I think everything is OK in moderation, and I don’t plan to deprive myself, just try to be smarter about it.  I already prepare nearly everything I eat myself, and do what I can within reason from scratch.  I’ve found that if you’re not eating prepared food or restaurant food, it’s pretty easy to keep calorie counts in moderation.  As long as I can put the brakes on the snacks I think I’ll be in better shape, those calories definitely add up!

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  1. My snack time problems start around 4 to 5pm. I am trying to make myself eat leftovers from the night before instead of yummies. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

    1. I get the 4 to 5pm ones too...I try to aim for the baby carrots but my hands usually end up on tortilla chips and salsa :-) Another reason for the whole foods goal!


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