Monday, April 16, 2012

Planning for Success with 2Do

I am a list person.  If it doesn't get written down, it generally doesn't get done. It's the only way I can corral and organize my thoughts and actions.  In the past, I had paper lists everywhere - now, there’s an app for that!  The 2Do: Tasks Done in Style app offers not only a great interface for scheduling, categorizing, and prioritizing your tasks, but also extras like location reminders, pictures and notes.  It is a universal app that works with both iPhone and iPad, and there are multiple sync options that will keep your lists updated across your devices – I personally use Dropbox sync since it was taking up a lot of space in my iCloud.  It’s a little expensive at $9.99, but I bought it for half that and have seen it on sale several times since.

One of the lists in my app is exercise, of course – I plan my workouts at the start of each week.  Problem is, I’ve been ignoring those items in favor of what I have convinced myself are more pressing things.  So this week I’m starting to utilize the features of my app to their best advantage to reinforce no more excuses.  


I set each workout as starred/high priority so that it will appear at the very top of my daily list, demanding my attention.  Also, instead of a just line item that I will do a certain number of miles, I’ve chosen a specific workout video and added that to the notes so I have a set plan for each day.  To help with motivation, I used the picture function to insert some of the images from the Carrots n’ Cake motivational quotes post.  They appear tiny in the list view, but one tap on the image pulls them up:


I’ve given myself two days off instead of just one, I think that overscheduling makes me more inclined to condone skipping.  I’m also sticking to shorter workouts to build my endurance – I will start to add more challenge as time passes to help keep my improvement going.  The plan for today is another 2 miles with Leslie and some yoga.  I’m actually excited about exercising, which is a feeling I haven’t had in a long time – there must be something to this blog thing, even if no one reads it but my mom!


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  1. You so did not get the organization gene from me. I am impresses


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