Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let’s Get Physical

Like my first no excuses spoonful, I’m starting this week’s goals spoonful focusing on exercise.  I want to make sure I’m getting a good variety of exercise, and getting enough of it to take off the extra weight.  Last week I stuck to my schedule, this week I’m going to start increasing the length of my workouts to 3 and 4 miles instead of 2 and 3.  Here’s my plan for the week, as outlined in my 2Do app:

042412 - 1

I’m still doing mostly Leslie Sansone for now while I build back up.  Her 3 to 5 mile workouts are a lot more challenging, and I think they really help improve my strength and endurance.

One of my all-time favorite Leslie Sansone workouts is the 3-Mile Slim & Sleek, which incorporates the principles of Pilates into the walk and also offers a bonus segment with a great little introduction to some Pilates moves.  It’s fast paced with great music and a lot of different moves to keep it interesting, but requires no extra props.  It features Leslie by herself, which I prefer, and has the mile countdown timer.  I like how she spends time explaining the elements of proper posture and reminding you of it periodically (I usually need that reminder).  The squats at the end are a great boost – I can always feel it in my thighs the next day!  Seems to be out of stock most places online, but I did find this great deal on eBay that includes the weights DVD I reviewed last week, and I’m sure it’ll continue to pop up used here and there (although I’m not letting go of my copy!).  You can also try it out from Netflix or Blockbuster.

Hope you’re all off to a good week!  I feel like mine is getting a slow start, but my energy and mood should hopefully pick up when I start my workout today.  I have a feeling I’m going to need this motivator!

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