Thursday, April 26, 2012

Growing Garden

Our backyard is continuing to blossom – that first spring rose I posted last week now has been joined by half a dozen others, with more rosebuds ready to pop.  Our irises also started blooming recently.  I spotted a great photo opportunity on my way out to check on the garden:

042612 - 1

Right after I snapped this first shot, a guest decided to join me.

042612 - 2

Oh, you’re taking pictures?  Let me strike a pose…

042612 - 3

Right after I snapped this, it flew away. Sometimes you just get lucky and the perfect shot just falls in your lap!

Our garden is looking great, the lettuce is really growing quickly!  I have a feeling this weekend we’ll have some homegrown salads on the table Smile

042612 - 4


  1. Gorgeous photos....loved that the butterfly "talked" to you!!!

    1. It was such a nice surprise, really brightened my day :-)


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