Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grocery Store Bargains

This week there are some great deals to be had at my local grocery store!  Harris Teeter is running Super Double Coupons through Tuesday, which means they will double up to $1.98 face value (note: they will double only 2 Internet coupons and up to 20 coupons total per day per VIC card - you can check out their policy here).  Now, I’m not one of those extreme coupon types.  You will never see me walk out of a store with a cart full of groceries for 65 cents.  But I do save about 50% on average on my grocery bill using coupons and sales, which really helps when I want to splurge on a few treats in the gluten-free aisle – and there often coupons available for those items, too!

Today I want to highlight a couple of deals I got this week at Harris Teeter that you can get too even if you don’t clip the Sunday coupons, as long as you have Internet and a printer available. 

First up, Alexia sweet potato fries.  There’s a $1 coupon available on for any Alexia sweet potato item, and they are on sale for $3.  With the doubled coupon, that’s a big bag for just $1!  We love them around here – quick to prepare, gluten free, and very tasty.

Some of best deals to be found are often not groceries, surprisingly enough.  I’ve been getting most of our toiletries for half or less for years now during super double and triples coupon promotions.  I found a great one this week made even better using e-VIC coupons – electronic coupons you can add to your shopper card online (more info here).

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The fact that they are stackable means you can often find a double coupon deal by matching a manufacturer coupon with an e-coupon.  Thanks to Super Doubles this week, I was able to make a super triple!  I added an ecoupon to my card for $1 off L’Oreal shampoo, and clipped a $1 paper coupon that doubled (you can find that same coupon at  In the store the shampoo was on sale for $5.99, so with my coupon savings it was only $2.99, less than half the full price (e-coupons don’t double). 

You don’t have to take couponing to extremes, or even seriously.  While regularly keeping up with clipping coupons can result in more significant savings, even just a couple add up – I saved $5 on the above 2 items with my coupons, and if you factor in the sales I saved about $8.  That’s almost a Kindle book Smile

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