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Gluten-Free Friday: Against the Grain Gourmet

Welcome to my new regular weekly post, Gluten-Free Friday!  I eat gluten free all the time of course, but each Friday I plan to highlight something I’ve found that makes my food world better, from products to people and everything in between.  I hope that by sharing what I love you can discover some new favorites of your own.

When you eat an entirely gluten-free diet, you get to know the GF products aisles at your local stores pretty well.  I try not to reach for the convenience foods too often since they can really add up on the grocery budget, but I also think it’s important to still try to enjoy all the foods I used to. 

  One of the hardest things to part with initially was pizza.  It’s not only incredibly tasty, it’s easy to put on the table when you don’t want to expend a lot of effort.  Hubs and I established our “Pizza Friday” tradition many years ago when we realized we almost always ended up just heating up a pizza on Friday nights after a long work week.  After I stopped eating gluten we tried lots of different brands without much luck.  Pretty much everything, including what we made ourselves, tasted like a giant cracker with tomato sauce and cheese.  My favorite thing about pizza is the chewiness of the crust – and alas, that is something that can only be achieved with gluten.  Truly chewy pizza is forever in my past, I’m afraid  Sad smile

However, I finally was able to restart Pizza Friday when I found a crust that both of us enjoy eating (well, me more than Hubs…but he can still eat the real thing so he’s biased).  It’s not chewy, but it’s as close as I’ve found, and I love it.  It’s also gotten positive comments from every gluten eater I’ve fed it to!

042012 - 3

Against the Grain Gourmet has a whole line of frozen bread products including pizza, baguettes, rolls and bagels. Everything is prepared in a gluten-free facility in Vermont, and I have yet to try anything of theirs that is not good. You can get more info on their preparation methods and the ingredients they use on their FAQs page.

I prefer to buy the plain pizza crusts and top them at home, but they do sell frozen prepared pizzas as well – my choice is more a matter of cost than anything else, since the prepared version is almost double the price and cheese and tomato sauce are cheap.  My tip is add some salt to the tomato sauce when you top the pizza – the crust doesn’t have much and I find that a dash of salt really helps the flavor pop.

042012 - 4On nights when I really want to splurge, I bring out one of their baguettes and make cheesy garlic bread.  It is honestly one of the most pleasurable eating experiences I have had since going gluten free, it’s that good! 

Their rolls are also fantastic, I keep them on hand for the occasional sandwich or burger.  I love them because they don’t crumble and fall apart like other GF buns I’ve tried. 

The pizza crust is $7.99 and the prepared pizza is $13.99.  The baguettes are $7.99 for a 2-pack and rolls are $7.99 for a 4-pack (prices from my local Whole Foods).  A little expensive if you compare to their non-GF counterparts, but for specialty items they are very reasonable and worth every penny in my opinion!

Against the Grain products are carried in the freezer section at various natural foods stores throughout the country.  The chains in my area that carry it are Whole Foods and Earth Fare.  For stores in your area, check out their store locator.

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  1. Good to know. I will stock up on those when I stock up on my GF cornflakes at earth fare


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