Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Dreaded Afternoon Slump

Today I am dealing with a major afternoon slump and I just can’t seem to get my energy going again!  It’s been gray and gloomy all day, which doesn’t help much.  Weather like this always makes me want to hibernate… 

041912 - 2

I got my workout in yesterday, although I did end up having to scale back on it a little when I completely lost track of time on the computer (I think we all can empathize with that one!)  Instead of blowing it off completely though I just shortened the 2 miles to 1 and took a few extra minutes to stretch my sore back.  I’m glad I fit it in, it felt good to get moving.

That being said, though, I am going to reschedule my planned 3 miles for today to tomorrow, since I have a much lighter load on my household to-do list.  I’ll at least be moving around though – when I clean, I love to tune Pandora to my workout radio station and really rock out.  I figure might as well burn as many calories as I can while I’m stuck scrubbing and vacuuming!  The workout stations are great for consistently upbeat songs to get you going.  Here’s one of my new favorites - I dare you to not at least tap your foot when you hear it!

Shake Senora Remix

Great energy boost!  With that, I’m going to plug in my earbuds and haul out the vacuum Smile

1 comment:

  1. I'd pay to see you vacuuming to that!!!
    Love the hibernating bear. You are rocking this blog. I even did a two mile Leslie today; I am being inspired in many ways


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